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About Lifey

We provide free video services for you, your friends and family!  

If you value our service, please consider donating. Even a few dollars/month helps us out a lot!

The more you support us, the more Lifey centers we'll open!

We plan to set up dozens of Lifey centers that anyone can use for free for:

*Family Pictures
*Engagement/Anniversary Q&A Videos
*Holiday Video Messages
*Audio Recordings
*Personal/Commercial Projects

Current Lifey Centers:

* Provo, UT (363 N. University Avenue, Suite 113) -- email [email protected] to schedule.

Likely Future Lifey Centers: 

*Ogden, UT
Rexburg, ID

(feel free to suggest a location)

We hope to make our Lifey centers a shared community asset, that everyone in the community can benefit from!

To use one of our Lifey centers, we just ask that you respect our values of:

*Clean Language

$9 of $4,000 per month
Open a second Lifey Center in Utah or Idaho.

*The Lifey Center will have two free access, full-time recording studios you can use.

Why $4,000/month?

*$1,000/month for office space and equipment.
*$3,000/month for a full-time editor.
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