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Hello fans! adds a semi-competitive collecting mini-game to Destiny 2. As you collect new stuff in game, your collection is ranked against other players. There are 10 different leaderboards ranging from collecting Faction Rally items to collecting Masterworks. The goal with the site is to give players that enjoy trying to collect everything a way to keep track of their stuff and measure their collection against other people.

As the site continues to grow and I work to add more features, the cost of keeping the lights on starts to add up (currently just shy of $2,000 a year for servers and software).

I'm here to give the community the ability to pitch in where they can to help keep the site alive and growing. Here's some of the things I would like to develop that your support would help make a reality:

  • More achievements! Lots more!
  • Separate servers for Web & Database activity to increase performance
  • iOS and Android apps
  • /r/DTG Bot to provide links to [[items]] in comment threads
  • Smart item manager with custom folders, automatic loadout equip based on activity, and more

As these features approach release, Patrons will be among the first to get to try them out and make their voices heard. Also, in addition to helping keep the lights on and enabling me to develop more fun and exciting features, Patrons will never see a single ad on the site. 

Thanks to everyone for their support, whether that's in the form of dollars or just telling your friends about the site! 

- afpac
$133 of $300 per month
Once we reach $300 a month, I will separate the database and web servers to increase performance across the board!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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