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About Lightfall

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Tim, and I make electronic music under the name Lightfall. I like to experiment with different genres within electronic, such as pop, ambient, virtual orchestra, downtempo, that sort of thing. If you really want to know what Lightfall sounds like, you can always listen to my latest release and see how you like it.

Why does this page exist?
1. Lightfall is me and only me. I write, record, produce, post-preduce, maintain my sites (main website, social media, etc.), and what have you. The only thing I don’t do is most of the graphic design and artwork, because my bro Jeremy is far better at that stuff.
2. I work full time and go to school part time. I don’t have as much time to work on music as I wish I did, and being able to have any amount of consistent income from doing this means I can spend more time on music and less time worrying about being beheaded for not paying rent on time.
3. I’m not a performing artist, and at this point in time I don’t ever plan to be. That’s just not where my passion lies, and I don’t feel that what I do is cut out to be performed anyway. The major downside to this is that live shows are most artists’ primary source of income.
Combining these three things reveals one important truth: in order to make Lightfall into something sustainable, I need your help. The beauty of Patreon is that I can get that help while also hooking you guys up with some rad jams and nifty rewards.

How does this page work?
It’s pretty simple. Let’s say you choose to pledge a dollar. Each time I release a new song after that, you’ll automatically be donating a dollar to me. Depending on the amount you pledge, you could be gaining early access to songs, instant downloads upon release, or what have you. But the best part is that you only pay when I actually release content, which not only is fair for you, but also motivates me to put out songs more frequently. So everyone wins!

It’s up to you what to do from here. I sincerely appreciate every little donation, and even if you choose not to give, thanks for checking out my page!

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