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About Light Switch Podcasts

Light Switch Podcasts is the first podcast network of its kind to be produced and run entirely by college students. Light Switch is currently hosting over a dozen original shows centering on absolutely everything, with a special focus on comedy and knowledge. Don’t believe us? Listen to every episode of every show, and if we’re wrong, we'll sincerely apologize. Check out all of our shows here and listen to new episodes every week!
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Light Switch plans on always operating as a small budget non-profit podcast-making team, but we would greatly appreciate having some extra capital to work with so we can
1. Purchase more in-house equipment, such as microphones and audio software.
2. Branch out into becoming more of a multimedia production company (producing webseries and occasional short films).

Anything above our goal would be used for promotion, or something else that would automatically be funneled back into Light Switch. If this all goes well, we'll also look into modifying our goals. Someday, we'd like to be able to PAY our content creators for the amazing work they do.

Thank you and keep listening!
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