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A bottle of water
per Illustration
As a waterbender (watercolor illustrator) I need a lot of clear water. With one dollar you give me the basic and most important essence of life to keep creating, to drink and paint.
This contribution gives you access to:
  • See book advances before anyone else
  • Your name in the book
A compass or a laser pointer
per Illustration
The mountains and the forest surrounding the secret town of cats are misleading and dangerous, the compass helps me not to get lost. On the other hand, the laser pointer helps me distract the cats and prevent them from seeing me.
  • See book advances before anyone else
  • Your name in the book
  • One random print size 12.97 x 10.29 cm, delivered to your house via mexpost.
A bento Box
per Illustration
Thank you! This allows me to eat something that inspires me, just like Alice eats mushrooms, the things I swallow make me grow or shrink to see the world differently.
  • All the content before anyone
  • Your name in the book, medium size
  • 5% discount in the book
  • 3 prints every month size 12.97 x 10.29 cm delivered to your house via mexpost. 



About Liloo TheTimeTraveler

Thank you for accompanying me to explore the secret world where only kittens can enter. For the first time, we will know the secrets of the feline world, how they live and their customs. As my patron, you can help me to get the materials and food needed during the expedition.
When you invest in this adventure you also benefit from it, you will get the images and objects that I encounter on the way, I will communicate the advances I make first with you and at the end of the trip you will be remembered as part of the expedition as your name will appear in the book.

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Gracias por acompañarme a explorar el mundo secreto donde sólo los gatitos pueden entrar. Por primera vez, conoceremos los secretos del mundo felino, cómo viven y sus costumbres. Como mi mecenas, puedes ayudarme a conseguir los materiales y alimentos necesarios durante la expedición.
Cuando inviertes en esta aventura también te beneficias de ella, obtendrás las imágenes y objetos que encuentro en el camino, comunicaré los avances que hago primero contigo y al final del viaje serás recordado como parte de la expedición pues tu nombre aparecerá en el libro.
72% complete
With fifty dollars a month I can take the time to create more illustrations about the town of cats and specifically the characters that inhabit it . This money will be great  to invest it in watercolor materials and in the production of better gifts and collectibles for you.

(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ Thank you very much for helping me reach this goal
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