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hi welcome to my patreon im evangelos taxiarchis , im creative thinker and problem solver, by day im organic gardener by night im learner, my goal is  to  set up a marketing platform help my self and newcomers to do online business, without braking the bank we all know advertising is expensive ,to all business,  so i want create  a platform to make alternative solution ,
here is 
list of things that  that i need your help for ,,
1 cloud  server space  
2 reg a domain 
3 get a hosting 
4 website and app   ui to be developed 
5 register legal llc as non profit community marketing platform with team of volunteers 
6 find 15 to 30 team members from patreon
7 total requirement is round   £6000 to £10.000  after that running cost will be  recovered in internal time exchange, ans small bear minimum  % cut from merch from users
how this will work 
you are become member  you first donet your time to the community than team will do all a task for you as payment no money involved just time according the skill, 
for locals can be similar thing for small jobs to help elders alders gives advice tradesman does small jobs as give back idea is  to create safe and trusted honest people to help each other,in phsical world well is dijital one, thank you for becoming my patreon,,, 
$0 of $3,000 per month
your patronage will help me to me to create software pluging templates websites apps  for community ,
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