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About Limitless Vibrations


In the Limitless Vibrations podcast series, your host Hanz Ford spends time inside the heads of established and aspiring artists in the world of electronic music production, getting to know the people behind the tracks and strolling through their histories, techniques, inspirations, workflow, and future projects. You can also check LV's companion website for regular follow-ups on podcast guests, to stay up-to-date on their adventures, releases and any shows they perform.

You may notice that our Patreon is quite simple: that's a conscious choice. LV was something that grew out of Hanz's passion for his music-making community and money was never something that factored into that. We're still very much feeling out whether this is something that is right for LV in the long-term and our only goal, for now, is to try and cover our modest monthly costs, along with our aspirations to move to a less manual web-hosting platform and maybe improve Hanz's podcast studio along the way :D... Whatever you're able to give will be gratefully appreciated and will be fed directly back into our costs for running the podcast!
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