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I love what you are doing and by pledging  $ 2 

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- downloads of Stills to admire and for my study purposes

- I will also gain access to the Community 

- I get to meet other Patrons in this way and share my art

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The "Pure" realtime Tutorials!

*These Pure versions are in real-time, so "uncut" for you to scroll back- and forward in, to help you extra in drawing along and improving your drawing skills or go to those parts where you need a closer look*

What is more:

- Extra Tutorials (not shown on Youtube) like:

- Drawing material Tutorials

- Shorts and Tips

- Other specials

And Of course the Former Reward.




Hi, You found me! :D

My Youtube Channel is Lineke Lijn  (I was born under the name Monique but most friends call me Lineke.) I love sharing my drawings and knowlege with you and studied at the Academy of Arts /Rotterdam - The Netherlands, but am still learning each day ^^

My main passions in drawing are: Perspective, Animals (Nature) and landscapes in various media like Charcoal, Graphite, Pastel pencil etcetera and my focus lies on: Teaching you Free Hand drawing.

The first reason why I started this Patreon page is to try and help others even better, but it would also be a way for me to build a more steady income.

The Second reason: I want to ship of 100 drawings to each and every single Patron that sticks around for a year (or for the 2 dollar Patrons who has reached the 60 dollar amount) 
Check it out here:

Why I give my drawing away?
*1: I hate to put my beloved drawings out for sale to strangers
*2: But still, I want to spread them around the world....
*3: So,... I thought they should be shipped off to the people that support me! That's You!

So for a small donation of 2 or 5 dollars, your contribution will go a long way in helping me to go for my dream and keep producing informative art videos.
(Hopefully, maybe one day, I can quit my daytime office job and become a full-time artist.
My biggest dream of all would be to draw and share my findings with you each day....)

Thank you with all my heart - Lineke

73 of 100 patrons
******First of all a big "THANK YOU" to my Patrons !*********

I am so happy to have reached my first Goal, you can not imagine how much this means to me.....
So now it is time for us to move on and for me to start explaining you my Second Goal ^^ 

Rendering and editing my Tutorials is taking hours and hours on my old computer so I want to buy a second one with more power that I can use purely for rendering and editing video's.
I am keeping my "old one" for recording, socialising and so on.

That way (and I hope this will be soon), I can start uploading about 6 or more tutorials per month instead of the 4 what I can only render and edit intil now (one each week)

But I also want to keep sending out original Lineke Lijn drawings to each one of my Patrons to show you my appreciation.
So that is why I am starting to draw Postcards with al kinds of subjects to send of to all next 75 Patrons that have supported me for a whole year.

So..... Goal 2: in search for 75 more Patrons for
* Buying a second powerfull computer to allow me to       make more video's
* Sending of 75 Original drawings by Post Cards

Thank you with all my heart - Lineke 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 288 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 288 exclusive posts
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