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is creating short stories, blog posts, and novellas.
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Congratulations! By choosing this you have now gained early access to my bi-weekly blog posts. Topics vary. There will be very little talk about my writing process itself, but I will include sneak peeks to projects I'm working on. Mostly these posts will be about the things I get up to in between writing. There will be a lot of pictures and talk about my dog and my bird.
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This is where the real stuff happens. By accessing this tier you get a brand new short story every month. I write sci-fi and horror and occasionally fantasy. Most will have explicitly queer characters. You also get access to the early blog posts as well.
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This tier is the same as the $3 level, except that when you first join you can choose to have a character in one of the stories named after you. Then for every three months you remain at this level you'll get a thank you note from my dog and my bird for supplying them with loads of cuddle time and extra treats.




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About Lindley Valcarcel

My name is Lindley and I'm a 29 year old queer Latina writer. There's a lot more fun stuff to come, but by supporting me you'll be gaining access to blog posts and original short stories on a regular schedule. Not only will you be getting the satisfaction of reading unique stories but you'll also be supporting my dog and my bird, both of whom greatly enjoy when I spend time writing because they get to play or nap on top of me which is a win for them both. 

However, if you'd like to read my blog posts for free you are able to do so here. Posts will go up there one week after they're posted here. The posts are available here the first and third week of the month for the $1 tier level.

Follow along for updates as I continue to set up this page and my reward tiers.
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If I can get to 100 Patrons I'll double the number of short stories I send out per month. That's right, if you're subscribed to the $3 level you'll get 2 short stories per month without having to change your tier level!
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