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About Lio

I have a specialization in AI and generally like to stay with open-world MMO features since I have a strong background in server scalibility

Pledging means I can continue to work on things I love.  It means you like what I'm doing and want me to continue doing it.

Lio's AI Framework

The purpose of this framework is to promote AI development by
  • providing an intuitive interface for non-developers
  • having modularized code for developers to contribute
  • focusing on having fun instead of just winning

What's the differences between the core and enhanced edition?

The core edition is for the community. The enhanced version is for the individual. As a result, the core edition is open-sourced for other developers in the community to contribute while the enhanced version is close-sourced so I can afford to spend time on features that don't really promote AI development.

So basically if there's a feature you want in the core edition that exists in the enhanced edition, just convince me while it's useful for the community.

Which edition does my pledge pay towards?

50% core and 50% enhanced editions. The reason is because I can't afford to do further development if both components don't co-exist.

$0 of $50 per month
I will be able to setup a webcam to share my cat 24/7!  I'll also buy catnip :3
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