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is creating a book; part memoir, part philosophical guide to life
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At my cottage, in the small town on the lake, there was a candy store. And they sold those Surprise Bags. You know the ones I mean? They weren't made by the store, they had red and white paper packaging. I remember clear square packets of candy but surprise! I remember nothing else. BUT, I'd love to create a version of this for you. It might not have candy, but I hope it will be full of stuff you won't quickly forget.
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I will thank you in my book and consider naming my next pet after you.



About Lion of the Woods

well this feels weird.
I don't want to say I haven't done anything yet.
I've done stuff.
But it's always been
on the side
of my life
and now, for the first time
I am trying something new.
ACTION, and not just thinking.
It's time I tell my story.

This is just for me, but I know I'm writing for you.
I can't explain it better than that. 
I am the most comfortable, alone in my room, talking to ???
like ??? are really there and listening.

Each $25 raised commits me to an hour of solid work on my own project:
a book; part memoir, part philosophical guide to life, a book to help us forgive ourselves and each other.

I will work harder for you than I do for myself. That's pretty self-explanatory. 
I find it hard to believe in my own worth.
but if you believe in mine, 
I will follow suit. 

Humanity fascinates me beyond belief. 
but in belief I study all the facets.
I want to share my ideas with you so we are both awake together.

Current step: book proposal. 
Current way to catch up with how it's going: podcast

0% complete
140 hours of work on my first book.

I believe I have something important to say. I need time to put my thoughts in order and on paper. Life costs money, which we earn in exchange for time. Life costs time, and there are certain things I'm not willing anymore to put aside - LIKE MY HUMANITY, for fuck's sake (lol), so gone are the days I was willing to work full time and do my shit on the side which ALWAYS meant my shit never got very far. I need a solid foundation to create my best work and there is no one to take care of me. Waaaaa. So I have to do it my own damn self. I think this is bull shit. I think that what I have to say is my best value to offer the world and my time to craft the vessel in which I am able to present to it you should be equally valued. And here is the time when the childhood disapproval feeling comes over me like a monster's snatch (get your mind outta there!) and I feel ridiculous demanding money for my ridiculous musings that no one will ever care about.

It is a delightful shock if you are still reading.
I am trying to have confidence, but it only lasts as long as I can puff my chest out, and my natural posture has my chest usually con-caved and aching from a form that doesn't fit.

Such is my life. 

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