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You will be invited to a "secret" Facebook group especially for Patreons. It is a place to share ideas and shoot the breeze. I will be posting some videos not to do with reporting on issues with the world and Patreons will get a say in the content.
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From Livestreams to documentaries, interviews to research, and the occasional bout of protesting, I have been helping to raise awareness and spread information on various important issues for years. In 2018 I moved away from front line protest and have been part of the NED Team who monitor activities at Fracking sites in the UK, an occasional live-streamer on social media, and persistent commentator on world events.

This is what I do... when I'm not planting food, helping communities in various voluntary roles or sleeping. I have not really used Patreon much since I created the account. I aim to do more on here and I am happy to listen to your feedback to prompt that happening and to create content that people will enjoy.

My main passion is to hold those in power who are corrupt accountable and protect the natural environment. It is unfortunate that neither of these endeavours pays unless you are lucky with the job you find. I am on the verge of returning to paid employment which will mean less time and energy to devote to volunteer projects, activism and such.

If enough people contribute a small amount it would make a big difference, possibly allowing me to travel from story to story or project to project, sustain myself, and do the work I love. It is impossible to do these things long term without some form of money - unfortunately.

So your contribution will go a long way to helping people in the British Isles (or the WISE Isles as I like to call them, which stands for Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England) learn more about environmental issues, or to grow food, or simply to share their story with others.

And as more people become Patreons the work I produce on here will grow. I write poems, sing sometimes, make videos as well as livestreams. I have ideas about how humanity can save the world world from themselves. I write books. The possabilities are endless.
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When I reach 10 Patreon's we will make a special video thanking them for helping my work.
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