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To The Skies!
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A very big and personal thank you from LG! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
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Upper Atmosphere
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A huge and personal thank you from LG and a sprinkle of 50 dust each month.
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Outer Space
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A huge and personal thank you from LG, a bucket of 125 dust each month plus your own SFX when you first speak in a live cast.
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Welcome to the Galaxy and thank you for even considering to check out my Patreon page - you are indeed, a 'Star'.

So here is where I'm supposed to be eloquent and descriptive about why I need YOUR cash *Kappa* - Well, the answer is pretty simple; I would like to expand even more on what I do. This includes increasing my schedule, possibly becoming Full Time (which in turn opens up the potential for more Speed Runs), streaming a much wider variety of titles across many systems, and keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of streaming hardware. This, unfortunately all requires that hard earned paper of ours, and whilst I do my best to give back to the community as often as I can with giveaways and such, the bills never stop coming.

Since 2014, streaming and providing entertainment for you guys has been amazing and I've enjoyed every second of it. The love, banter and camaraderie has been addictive and I look forward to these evenings every day. For it to expand and continue until I'm an old grey haired coot would be superb.

So, thank you for any monetary support you can give but above all else, thank you for being a pillar of support for the Liquid Galaxy streams. Much love!
$4 of $500 per month
Hitting anywhere close to this goal will give me the confidence of looking at becoming a full time streamer in the future. To know that I have this kind of monetary backing from my viewers would be nothing short of insane and would also allow me to expand on what I love doing with better equipment, more games and a bigger, more involved schedule.
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