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Hey everyone, My name is Lisa Koster.
I create youtube videos and I am a upcoming Twitch streamer!
The money I will earn will be going towards my youtube and twitch!
I really wanna save up for a gaming pc and a ring light so I can put up better content for you guys!

Every donation will get a reward!
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This will help me put up better content!

 -You can see more on my petreon page then others! exclusive!

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This will help me save up for a gaming pc so I can game with YOU and my fans!

- You will get a follow on social media

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-You get a handwitten letter from me to you!

- 1 shoutout in the description box under my upcoming video!

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- I will give you my kik username so we can talk whenever we are able to!

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-I will give you a shoutout on Instagram

-Skype call

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you are AWESOME
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- Once I'm close to were you live we can hang out!

- Once my merchandise is launched you will get 1 item early and free!

- U are truly awesome!

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$0 of $400 per month
Saving up for a Game / Editing PC so I can make better content.
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