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We created List King 3 – 4 Years ago and it has slowly grown to having over 100,000 Subscribers! Thank you from the Bottom of my heart!

Why we're on Patreon:
Since early days, YouTube has been extremely shaky for economic reliability. In 2012, there was a silent algorithm change prioritizing watch time over clicks that killed animation and high quality/slow production content overnight. In 2013 there was the copyright apocalypse which mass flagged video footage and crippled the revenue of all channels overnight without warning and not a peep nor help from YouTube. In 2017 we experienced the YouTube adpocalypse in which a ton of companies boycotted Google and their adsense program because their ads were being displayed over questionable content. It was all over the news, and YouTube said nothing, so we had about a week to prepare before revenue was reduced by 30-40%, and that's if you were lucky. Revenue has slightly improved since then but CPM will randomly spiral out of control based on the contents of the video. Creepy videos, sexual-related topics & anything YT deems "non-advertiser friendly" all earn basically nothing for the work you put in, which killed a lot of channels. And now, for a new nail in the coffin, videos will be stealthily hidden if they're not "appropriate" (which can literally mean anything) and will no longer be recommended/monetised with all comments & likes disabled.

Throughout all of this we've clung on, mainly from the support of our fans continuing to check out our content through all these years. We started an animation channel despite the 2012 algorithm changes and we're extremely proud of the content we've produced since then. However, we've finally reached the point where things are no longer sustainable with all these topic & advertisement restrictions in place, and we can't rely on crazy CPM levels to pay our animators/voice actors/editors/writers fairly anymore.
However, with your support, we will - and we'll be able to do more.

What we will do with your money:
50% of all pledges will go towards maintaining our current series (countdowns) while the other 50% will be used to create new formats.

Thank you so much for any support you can provide, it's literally saving our channels from the brink right now - beyond appreciated!

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