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About Tachibana Lita

Now I'm streaming live drawing 3~5 times a week!
Please check my Twitch channel, also! Thank you♥


Hi! I'm Lita (ゝω・)ノ❤

I'm Japanese professional manga artist living in Tokyo Japan. I create manga with genres such as shojo, shonen, fantasy, romance and school life. I also draw 4-frame comics. I want it to be read by many people all over the world! So I started Patreon.


◆ Ongoing Projects ◆

"Dear My Master"
Short Story Comic / Fantasy, love / My Master Series Ep.01

'Under 5 Pages'
Very short story comics, 2-5 pages each episodes

◆ Completed Published Project ◆◇

"Little Luu"
Short Story Comic / Fantasy, love
PatreonWebsite ]

"Shut Up My Master"
Short Story Comic / Fantasy, love / My Master Series Ep.02
PatreonWebsite ]

Waiting Projects
◆ Redraw from 4frame comic to normal comic style "Life with Ojiipon" 28 episodes, story finished
◆ Silent romance comic 2-5 pages : "30dotpc - Houkago X Game" 

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★ Monthly Art Book : ebook/physical book 16-32 pages
★ Request Form  : I'm taking the requests from only my patrons.

With your support what I can
  • Become a full-time manga artist
  • Publish new manga : monthly manga (24-32 pages) in JPN and ENG on the web
  • Leave translation my manga into English / Proofread English of my manga to a professional translator faster than now
  • Publish my manga physical book in JPN and ENG

If you want to read my manga with correct English and get it faster than now, you want more my stuff, please support me!

Thank you very much!
橘りた Tachibana Lita

* * *
About me
橘りた in Japanese. "Tachibana" is my last name, first name is "Lita". "Tachibana Lita" is Japanese style. Please call me Lita! I have ADD and ASD. I'm under medical treatment of dpression (9`・ω・)9!
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