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About Lynn Brown

Hey There! I'm Lynn. Writer, Reader, Activist and an advocate for increasing marginalized voices in publishing and the media.

For the last ten years I've been working in the publishing and journalism fields specializing in speculative fiction and journalism about culture, travel and history. My work has been published in magazines such as GQ Magazine, Fodor's Travel, Conde Nast Traveler, Ebony Magazine, and the JSTOR Daily blog to name a few. I also spent several years as a freelance editor and literary agent. 

I recently graduated from San Francisco State University with an MFA in Creative Writing and the completed first draft of my speculative fiction novel 'Welcome to Wonderland', based on the mythology of my favorite city in the world, New Orleans.

Now the real work begins!

It seems the most difficult part of being an artist is figuring out how to pay your bills while your art is still in progress. This is made even more complicated if, like me, you have physical disabilities that make finding traditional work difficult. That is why I've created this Patreon page.

With your support I will:
  • Edit, polish and prepare my speculative fiction novel 'Wonderland' for publication. 
  • Continue collecting submissions for the Footsteps of Baldwin anthology, a project that I began in 2015, which showcases the voices of African American expatriate writers living in Paris.
  • Complete, edit and publish more of my fantastical short stories.
  •  Begin the process of creating a nonprofit that helps increase diversity in the publishing industry.

In short, you can help me create art! To learn more about me and see some examples of my work, check out my website. Also, check out the cool perks I have available for contributors. Don't see anything you like? Feel free to make a suggestion.
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