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About LittleBigKast

In case you haven't heard of us, we are the one-year-old podcast focusing on the happenings of Sony and the gaming world in general. Wondering about the quality and content of the podcast? Go check out some of our videos and audio samples! We can wait .............You back? Sweet!

As you can see, we have access to some great facilities and equipment to support our ability for banter and commentary on news, gaming issues and examining (y)our indie game of the week. Like many aspects in gaming, you go all in or you lose miserably. We need support to get our work to an even higher level (see what we did there? Level?).

So, here's the pitch: If you can find a few pennies each month to support us in this Patreon, we promise to deliver more of what you love and you can be an active part in shaping the success of all our work. We have ideas coming out our ears for how we can do more and be more, but those ideas require a fair bit of coin, rings, gil, points or whatever currency is accepted by web hosting and gaming event coordinators. 

A pledge for the LittleBigKast is a pledge for more quality and more quantity (you don't have to choose!), a pledge for dedication and commitment, a pledge for more funnies, awkward mannerisms, tattoos and 'Jeff-a-logues'! It's a pledge for live-streaming and entertainment, opinions and shenanigans.

We've already shown we can stream from the Sony E3 booth at CES to the terror-filled depths of the haunted (no, seriously) library. Join us, and together we can rule the Internets.

We can't wait for you to join the Kast!

May your connections never lag,
Drew, Jeff, Rachel, & Robin
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We have a decent setup now, but it's not all ours... If we can reach this milestone we will be able to buy new mics, muffs, mic arms and mixers for our studio show. As we prepare to embark on this journey, we need to get outfitted properly!
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