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About Little House On The Road

Hello Little House On The Road Subscribers and Followers!
Thank you for taking the time to check out our Patreon page. It has been a blast sharing our adventure with you.

We will always continue to provide you with free videos of our adventure but as some of you may know, we only make about 3/10 of cent per view assuming it is watched for four minutes.
You also know our life style does not require a lot of money.We have showed that we live for less than $800 a month.That being said we still have to put a lot of time into make these videos and that leaves little time to do the programing that I have done to help offset the cost.
To put the cost into perspective, you would have to watch every video we have (140 videos at the time of this writing) twice to match a $1 donation on Patreon.

With additional support from Patrons, we hope to provide more information on the places we've camped and explored, post pictures of our adventure, provide a blog called “Carolyn’s Corner,” and monthly live feeds on Facebook with Rob.  The live feeds with Rob will not be public.

The Patreon wants us place rewards here to entice you to donate, but as you know Little House on the Road is about minimalism, and you think the hours and hours we put into every video is worth it! Besides we hope to provide you with extra content that you will enjoy.Thank you so much!

Rob and Carolyn a.k.a Little House On The Road

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