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Thank you for reaching Little Life and now let Little Life reach you! 

I am Aneesha and I have been writing for as long as I can remember. After having done my Masters in Philosophy, I didn't have many options as my country, India, values only traditional professions. I'd have been valued more had I been a doctor or an engineer but a motivational/creative writer makes me a nobody here. Being tolerant of all perspectives, I never got rubbed the wrong way with such notions and continued to write. I worked as a brand strategist and a social media content strategist (I still do a few assignments as a freelancer). I like doing that but my passion for writing and my passion to drive other people's passions through words is not something that saw the light of the day until now. After uncountable freelance gigs (along with doing my day job) that paid me a quarter of a peanut for every assignment, I decided that any form of art is priceless and doesn't deserve to be treated the way it is. 

So, here comes Patreon to rescue my creativity, to let me live my passion and to value me as an artist. I would like to make a decent living out of my writing in order to sustain myself as I don't have a job now and have taken the plunge to pursue my passion. 

Now, let me tell you more about this little project of mine called 'Little Life'.

All of us have hidden emotions tucked somewhere within the attic of our souls. We love to revisit our deepest ones when we are alone. I am here to stir your soul and life just a little bit by bringing your deepest emotions to surface. Reality encrypted in short stories and poems will help you meet the human side of you in this virtual world. 

I want you to join me in exploring the depths and simplicity of life through the power of the pen. 

Let's look at life a little more closely.

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On reaching $500 per month, I will be able to let go of my side gigs and do this full-time for all of you! This means more poems and short stories for you every day! I am pretty much excited but I can't do this alone. With your support, I will be able to reach here and create more and more interesting content for you. 
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