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About littlepiggyamy

Welcome to the patreon page for littlepiggyamy !

By becoming a patron, you....

  1. support the production of weekly youtube videos, found here!
  2. gain access to the private patreon feed & bonus content
  3. support the production of exclusive content on our private feed
  4. receive a direct line of communication with me
  5. suggest content and video ideas
  6. have your name appear at the end scroll of all youtube videos, titled "special thanks". Note: starting on 10.3.19, the end scroll will be ordered by lifetime pledged amount.
Next step goals for littlepiggyamy:
  • put out weekly videos
  • reach 2k subscriber on youtube
  • start live streaming on twitch 
  • become monetized on youtube
  • reach 50 followers on twitch
  • live stream weekly
  • become twitch affiliate
  • reach 5k subscribers on youtube
  • put out 2 youtube videos a week

I can't believe I have to make this a policy....If you join with faulty payment info, you will be blocked. When I see that your method of payment has been declined, I send you a direct message informing you of the situation. You have 3 days from that message to resolve this issue. Unfortunately, people are putting in faulty information just to gain access for free. This will cause you to get blocked from my page, and your IP address can be banned from using the entire site of Patreon altogether.
30 of 50 patrons
Once this goal is reached, I will design an awesome LPA sticker to be sent to those 50 patrons for free via USPS. LIVE STREAMS BECOME WEEKLY! Patreon Private live streams become monthly!
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