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That anime everyone keeps talking about and will be for a long time. Thank you for choosing this tier! More work would be put into creating content for the BNHA fandom!

Current BNHA Project

-BNHA Genderbend AU! 

What patrons get?

• Sneak peeks of current progress that might not be published elsewhere. 

• May be involved in the Behind The Scene polls that affects the plot

• Get to choose characters interactions for the special spin off!

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Ever wanted to get that sweet sweet notification from Webtoon that announce that your favourite author updated? Want more of that webtoon update? Share your love of webtoon with us! More effort would be put into making webtoon related content!

Current Webtoon Project

-My Gothic Life

-Cloudy Days Rainy Nights

What patrons get?

•Sneak peeks of the next episode

•Livestreams WIPs hangouts

• Special QnA session pass!

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You like youtube videos! Whether its 10 hours of vine or you're watching a music video on rewind, you just like youtube as a platform! Don't worry, pledging to this will keep more of that coming your way!

Current project: 

-Story time videos

-Miscellanious animatics

What patrons get?

•Sneak peeks of future animatics or story time video

•Appreciation at the end of the episode

•QnA sessions special pass!




Hey guys, I'm the illustrator for My Gothic Life and creator of Cloudy Days Rainy Nights. Both are webtoons that are readily available for free! I also do youtube videos to keep it interesting, and I also livestream some of my process there! Recently I also started doing projects related to My Hero Academia Fandom so go check it out!

Cloudy Days, Rainy Nights

Isaac Martin is a master escapist with the talent of falling asleep in any type of situation. While undergoing his behavioural correction theraphy, he crossed paths with a few other individuals who might just be the people he needs in his life. 

Desert Rose [IN WRITING]

Sahara was born into the Isbaah royal family and had spent her early life in the castle walls. The rebels managed to make their way in and her previously less eventful life turns gruesome. She escapes from Isbaah and live her life as a commoner, all the while plotting to get the throne back. 

Genderbend AU

Due to a little wrinkle in the space time continuumn, our lovely group of boys and girls from 1 - A, and of course their homeroom teacher Aizawa, was transported into an alternate universe where everyone is their opposite gender.

However, events dont necessarily align quite like home. Endeavor had retired, All Might is seeing someone and Aizawa.... fortunayely she is still like the original Aizawa in most cases 

What seems to be the biggest wrinkle is the absence of a certain blonde rage bomb that had gone missing a few months prior. Bakugou had never returned to UA....

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I am a person with many ambitions yet too little time to do everything at once. Your patronage would enable me to put more work into delivering the content that you want! Remember, each tier are specialized to the kind of content that I will make so choose wisely!
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Once we reached enough, I can start making physical zines for sale and get more equipments for a successful studio livestream setup!
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