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Last Saturday my legs wouldn't work.
Because of doctors being generous
trusting me to pay them
they did a procedure on my spine
which sent something to my brain
that is the reason I'm walking again today.
It's because of you becoming a Patron here
as well as you going to the specific links at
to get to Rollo Tomassi's audiobooks at Audible
then purchasing or using your Audible credit to get "THE RATIONAL MALE"
Audiobooks that I'm able to continue improving
through these extremely expensive treatments
and the hours each weekday in the I.V. room.
Words cannot appropriately express my gratitude!
I'm going to start posting narrations here that I'm doing
which are being requested and I"m able to do.
There are conditions including... the content has to stop suicides.
I'll list more conditions later.
The narrations are not edited perfectly or mastered recordings.
If there's a post you want narrated, please let me know here!

LINKS to "THE RATIONAL MALE" by Rollo Tomassi audiobooks:

The Rational Male (Volume 1)

The Rational Male - Preventive Medicine (Volume 2)

The Rational Male - Positive Masculinity: Positive Masculinity (Volume 3)

As far as I have come on this road to recovery, I am fully aware that I still have a long way to go. I am proud of all the work that I have done and cognizant of all the work that remains. This was never a part of my life plan, of course. When that vehicle hit me – a hit-and-run – all my plans went out the window. Whatever I thought I was going to be doing the next day or the day after that or any of the days after that, I had been wrong. Recovery was now the only plan that I could consider. After all the surgeries, all the pain, all the therapies, all the heartache, all the treatments: I am still moving forward.

Now, I am at a crossroads. In order to move forward as boldly and as confidently as possible, I need some assistance especially as I continue to run into new, unexpected medical bills and other miscellaneous expenses during this difficult period.

Every contribution counts. I appreciate your support, friends. So many of you have shown me so much kindness throughout my recovery that I know I am surrounded by love.

Thank you.
$10 of $42,949,673 per month
You're helping to cover medical treatments and therapies not covered by my PPO health insurance plan.
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