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In 2010 I created a YouTube channel, Live Hope Lupus. At the time, I was a teenager living with lupus who was desperately seeking support. It was hard to find anyone I could relate to so I decided to start sharing my journey. 

My YouTube channel has now become a space where I can share my journey living with multiple chronic illnesses and other chronic illness warriors are able to connect with me through my online platforms. It has been the continued support and love of my subscribers that has allowed me to continue to create content.

I have created a Patreon page in hopes to continue to create content consistently. With your help, I will be able to raise money for equipment and also fund my YouTube channel. My ultimate goal would be to post content on YouTube full-time. As of right now, I have added two memberships that will allow supporters to have access to exclusive Live Hope Lupus benefits while supporting my content. Thank you all so much for keeping me going.
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