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If you're ears are open to helping discover hidden talent and supporting a brand that helps artists Be Found, for just 10$ a month, you'll get discounts on all of our merch and events while supporting our mission. 

-10% off any merch order

-10% off any tickets to a Live Mic event


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If you hate hearing the same stuff on the radio just as much as I do, then we need your support in getting new music out into the world.  Every dollar from this tier will go right into music promotion.  Working to get artists music out to streaming platforms, and local radio stations to get themselves heard by ears all over.  More than just knowing that your contributing to the spread of local talent, we will include:

  • One free piece of merch upon donation 
  • 20% off any merch orders
  • 20% off any tickets to a Live Mic event
  • Access to pre-sales for all events with personal invitations 
  • Monthly updates on the musicians your donations directly helped

Live On The Mic
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In today's social media world, podcasts are a vital bit of content to have and a great way to interact with our musicians.  Our podcast segment, Live On The Mic gives artists a chance to come on our set and tell their stories about how they came to be, and even have the chance to perform live.  The artists who have performed on our segment love the comfortable, non-interview feel to our approach.  We are hoping to build a permanent studio set where we can show off all of our talent as often as we possibly can.  Your contributions to this tier will help fund a permanent studio and state of the art equipment to maximize the quality of our podcasts,  which we hope to have recognized by audiences all over the world.  In addition to this, you will also receive:

One free piece of exclusive Live On The Mic merch

25% off any merch order

25% off any tickets to a Live Mic event

Access to pre-sales for all events with personal invitations 

Invitations to all studio podcasts

Air time on a Live On The Mic segment

Recognition on our website as a podcast supporter 

Recognition on all podcasts   




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Did you know that the every day musician who uploads their music to any digital streaming services is only paid an average of $0.0035 per stream?  That means that if someone has 10,000 streams on Spotify, their payout would only be about $35.00.  

Why are artists struggling today?  

Venues only wanting cover bands
The good old "Pay To Play"
Lack of resources / business education
Services and companies making promises, taking the revenue and creativity from the artists for commercial purposes
Not having a team of support
Sitting in an over saturated community of starving musicians
Digital streaming taking away profits
Physical sales on a constant decline
Unclear methods of royalty collection hidden behind a bunch of legal jargon
This list can go on forever. . . 

So who are we?

We are NOT a marketing agency, a booking agency, a management agency, a recording studio, a producer, a TV studio, a video production company, a million dollar company, or a commercial record label.

We ARE a brand that represents upcoming talent, by offering a creative hand in new projects, assisting in the monetization of their craft without boundaries, providing tools and resources to further an artists music career from any stage. 

We are Live Mic Music - a one stop shop for artists lending in a hand in every aspect of their career, specializing in digital portfolio development & music administration. 

We are a team of venues, producers, photographers, videographers, engineers, artists, and more, and we are here to exploit the Long Island Music Community.  

We offer all forms of content creation for artists, as well as agreements to assist in the administration / distribution of music, and even full record deals.   We've created multiple avenues for revenue for artists to further their success.  

We started this Patreon for the listeners help.  Our tiers represent different levels of support, and every dollar raised will go directly into the marketing efforts for all of our local artists.  With your help, we can put the Long Island Music Scene on the map for everyone to hear.  Starting as low as one cup of Starbucks a month, our local artists can get the recognition they deserve.  Music is free, but an artists career is far from that.  


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When we reach 100 patrons, we will host an exclusive Live Mic Supporter party showcasing our own talent!
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