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About LiveTheLifeTV

The 2020 LTL Fine Art Photo Book

We curated 1000 lifestyle properties. A collection based on experiences, location, reviews, and style. Our value proposition is visual storytelling. Visit to explore more

We want to publish our top 500 in a luxury coffee table book. A limited edition of 5000 copies. You can kickstart our creative project. Watch the one-minute pitch below. 

"In 1999, we got featured on as WebTV pioneers. The burning desire to document has never left. We recently added a cinema camera to our kit and started shooting with Hasselblad.

The choice of places to Live The Life is mind-boggling. It took us 10+ years to curate a top 1000. A collection of unforgettable places to LTL across more than 100 destinations. We provide a selection of activities with an emphasis on exploration and connecting with the local lifestyle of choice.

From the age of 7, I started riding boards, skateboarding & snowboarding till my early 20's and crossing over to kite and windsurf till I turned 30. I then moved to Jeffreys Bay and started surfing twice a day for 7 years in a row while exploring other exotic corners around the world. South Africa triggered my passion for yoga, golf, gastronomy and wine tasting. The backbone of my life has always been visual storytelling, I published my travel stories in magazines, shot my first docu and have always been deeply passionate about photography. We are currently writing a new life chapter in the SW of France and working on our first edition of a fine art photography book.

Thanks in advance

Yves Van den Meerssche
Founder & Happiness Manager
[email protected]

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