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About LivingIrish

We're a family of 'blow-ins' (what the Irish lovingly call out-of-towners) who, a little ways back, decided to pack up and move from America to the gorgeous (and just a bit windswept) southern Irish coast. Since those humble beginnings, we've travelled around the country, made some lovely friends, and have learned so much more about this lovely little island and its people than we ever dreamed of.

We now live on the side of a mountain in beautiful West Cork where we potter about with gardening, craftwork, cooking, and teaching our two young boys to love and enjoy the simple things. We don't pretend to be experts on anything - this is simply a record of our time here and some things we like to share about our adopted home.

While we get by, it's not always easy and would love to keep sharing what we love about this country, its heritage, and getting back to basics in the Irish countryside.

Thank you and fáilte!

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