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About Living on the Dirt

Who am I and what is the goal? 
Hi everyone! I am ecstatic that you have stumbled upon my page. My dream is to travel the world, chase my fears, learn new cultures, hike in as many countries as I can, and the ultimate goal of all this, is to volunteer around the world helping others and animals and being able to give back to the world. If you chose to be part of this amazing journey, you will get access to articles and videos as I document every part of this excursion.  
The dream!
I just came back home from my year and a half long trip working and traveling. I come from no money, so I must work hard and save my earnings in order to travel. I have always worked, saved, traveled, then repeat. Two years ago, I started making travel videos and articles. I found it is my passion and the ultimate dream for me.  
Right now, I am working in my hometown, Buffalo, NY, in order to save up every penny for the next big adventure. I am so eager to start! I'm ready to continue my life as a serious travel writer and videographer. As soon as I save the required amount of money, or reach my goal of $1,000 per month, which ever happens first, I will pack my bags. Until then, I will be sharing with you everything that I have learned thus far about travel, backpacking, etc. So if you decide to be a part of this community, together we can make the world a better place and just know that I am eternally grateful for your compassion and generosity. 

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When I reach $1,000 per month, I will embark on this journey and start this amazing adventure. I will be involved in at least 1 volunteer project per month and also take you on hiking/backpacking trips, learning new cultures, and seeing the world together!
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