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My name is Vittoria Palazzi and I live on the wild side in central/eastern Washington in the small town of Winthrop. My life has taken me to many places, from Lake Como in Italy where I grew up, to London, Texas, Los Angeles, Portland OR, and other countries.  I now live (and love with a passion) this valley where we live, among the mountains, clouds, wind, stars and nature at its best. Join me in seeing thru my eyes and my words, explore what it feels like to live on the wild side!

I live with my husband Todd Williamson, 4 horses, 1 cat & 2 dogs. Everyone and everything around me, human and animals, teaches me about life. It's a constant exploration!

I consider the wild side the place inside of us where we step into the unknown, we take chances, we follow that voice inside that is sometimes a whisper, sometimes wreak havoc on our lives, commanding us to change.

I am happy to share my story and my passion for listening within and creating a life where we move with the flow, one step at a time, into the unknown, into the wild side.
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One of my goals is to create a more sustainable and financially viable situation for all our rescue animals (4 horses - 3 mustangs -, 2 dogs, 1 cat) so I can keep doing what I love, which is inspire others to live their lives fully and in partnership with the earth and its inhabitants. And perhaps adopt more as times goes by ;) 
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