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About The LivingWise Project

Wisdom -> Consciousness -> Love, Light & Laughter

Do you believe the world needs more happiness, light, laughter and love? Then read on.

The LivingWise Project brings you specially curated nuggets of timeless wisdom and freshly squeezed inspiration from modern life. The website (see here) has many wonderful contributors from all over the world who come from various walks of life. 

How it began

In my decade in the corporate world in some of the world’s top cities, what I witnessed overwhelmingly around me was a lot of stress and anxiety. Having personally achieved many of the things society holds as tickets to happiness, I realised that they did not bring the fulfilment we are made to believe.

Growing up in India, I was always somewhat aware of its spiritual traditions but thought them all too esoteric. Yet it intrigued me that Indian yogis had always asserted that life was supposed to be blissful. I became determined to find out what these yogis were talking about and what they knew that I didn’t. I started LWP to share some of this priceless wisdom that can help so many people live to their fullest potential. 

LWP helps to bring out the wisdom of ancient Indian culture in a way that directly serves people in living better and more fulfilling lives and in the highest aspect, in their search for Truth
Read: More About LWP.

Why we need Patreons

LWP is not a regular media venture that can be monetised or obtain funding by allowing the invariable compromise on content or frivolous marketing tactics. Therefore I feel that community contributions are the best way of funding this project.

What are the main costs we need to cover?

These are the bare minimum to build-up the platform:
  • Website hosting - needs to be reliable and high quality to avoid downtimes
  • Website development - The website needs to be revamped to be more unique and also more easily customisable which requires hiring a professional. Other functionalities/features such as providing courses, creating a paywall, creating a store, providing local listings for events/courses, etc., can be added slowly.
  • Advertising/marketing - It is difficult to reach a wide audience without paying for every Facebook post to be 'boosted' or 'sponsored'. Many other advertising/marketing options also exist. 
  • 1-2 employees for content - LWP is a very niche venture and I do not believe we can hire people to write on these themes (the most popular articles on LWP reflect a certain quality of consciousness, not mere information) but it would be a support to have someone help with 1) research for knowledge-based articles; 2) managing the social media accounts to build better traction; 3) creating social media posts and 4) creating videos on yoga, meditation, ancient Indian culture, etc.
Beyond this, there's so much more potential for expansion: hosting events and workshops, offering courses, producing print LWP magazines, and of course, an LWP app. But one step at a time and hopefully by then LWP can support itself.

Final take-away

If you feel like this project brings value to you and others, then please contribute whatever you can. Please also spread the word to friends so they can contribute too if they wish. If you live in India and would like to make a one-off contribution by PayTM, see here.

With your financial support, we can keep up this effort so that the light of wisdom can touch each person on the planet, raising consciousness, encouraging personal transformation, dissolving stress and making Truth contagious again.


Shruti, Founder LivingWise Project

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