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About Lizzie Russo

Hi there! I'm Lizzie and I've been writing songs about things that happen to me since I was 14. I've been posting my music on YouTube since 2008 and have met some amazing people who have loved and supported my music for a long time. I feel like the internet is the greatest means to spread creativity, and I would love nothing more than to be able to have some support via my YouTube content. Patreon contributions will finally allow me start saving towards my goal of being able to create content consistently.

If you enjoy what I do and have an extra dollar or so, I would be forever grateful for your contribution!
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The second you become a patron, you will be sent a link that contains a mix of some of my songs. :)
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Patrons who give more than a dollar will have access to super cool sometimes silly videos that won't be available for anyone else!
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I would love to use my YouTube platform of music and video making as a second form of income to be able to pay bills and invest more into my content.
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