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About L Jamal Walton

I'm L Jamal Walton (Jamal) and I make art! Specifically, I make comics and pop art. Thanks for checking out my Patreon. This Patreon will allow you to get a sneak peek at my progress as well as access to my comics and illustrations prior to the public. 
Check out my tiers as there are varying levels featuring exclusive content into my process and early access to comics as well as my monthly print subscription level which allows you to get a print in the mail every month. Thanks for taking the time to look around and I hope that you will consider contributing so that I can continue creating and sharing art with you. 

My goal is to post a couple times a week. Posts will be of new work that I'm working on, items that are now available in my store, and early access to my comics before they are online. In addition to my art and comic posts, there are a series of regular posts. These include:

Tiegre Thursday:
Every Thursday will feature new Tiegre art. These will be WIP as we work on the current season and then the finished strips as those are available.

Preview Saturday:
One Saturday a month will be dedicated to Diamond Previews and what I'll likely be buying.

Third Saturday:
Third Saturday posts will be comic or comic related art from my collection.

L Jamal Walton

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