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 See my latest work before anyone else!

  • Early access to drafts I'm writing
  • Sneak peeks on games and art 
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About Lina Langley

So, this used to be a page where I talked about how important making queer art is for me. Which, to be clear, is still true.

But let me rephrase that a little bit: I want to make filthy queer art. I want to write books that people in polite society wouldn't talk about. I want to be part of PowerPoint presentations about the LGBTQ+ agenda. I want everyone to clutch their pearls when they talk about the work I'm producing, about how dark and filthy it is, and I want the space to do it.

I don't want to be limited to the platforms that have decided that my work is too taboo, too filthy. I'm a target for many people and, because of them, I can't really continue writing my most successful series (The Glass Series) on Amazon, which makes the bulk of my income.

So--I'm doing it here. Where I have full control, where you get to keep my work forever, where you get to have sequels, AUs, artwork.

You get everything, and you never, ever have to worry about the platform taking it away.

You get your twins. Your violent, kinky sex. Your dubcon. Your teacher/student romances. You get all the things that make my content so horrible and questionable, because you're an adult, and you get to choose what you want to read. And you know how to tell fiction apart from reality. (I'm so proud of you.)

Choosing to support me means there's never a threat of an unfinished series. Mason and Jules get a happy ending. Brian gets to sleep with his debate leader. Aaron moves to the city and falls in love with the man who assaulted him. You get stepdads and stepsons and all sorts.

All of that good, weird shit. So that, that's why I need your support. After Amazon banned my taboo book and my taboo book preorder, this became almost undoable. And there are so many of you who want these characters to have a happy ending. You can get that here. But I can only do this with your support.

So go on. Make this your space.

Help me make your world a little filthier. 

Important Disclaimer! 

It is only through art that we heal. This space, which is catered exclusively to adults capable and willing to see this content, provides a way to recontextualize and experience facets of human sexuality and past trauma in healthy, healing and interesting ways. Using literature to process intergenerational trauma is something which has been well-documented. Furthermore, trauma play, through the use of fiction or other equally healthy coping mechanisms, is a way for art to heal without putting people in disadvantaged groups--largely people of colour, women, and queer folk--at an increased risk. Creating art which allows entire communities to heal is empowering, both as a creator and as a consumer. 

This is a safe space and will continue to be so.
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With this much support, I should be able to continue writing taboo work without having to publish on Amazon without having to worry about breaking even with it. This would help me immensely and would take a huge load off my mind, since I would be able to work on it without the fear of not recouping costs. 
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