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Probably the best single dollars you'll ever spend.

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About Lo

Hi there, I'm Lo! I'm the artist, writer, colorist, letterer, character designer, location scouter, art director, graphic artist, book designer, producer, and all around creator of Aquapunk, the first 6-part story of which is called The First Law.

And this is my job.
[ cue Dirty Jobs theme ]

Aquapunk is a little bit of a weird comic: it takes place in a world inhabited only by aliens, ghosts, gods, and robots. It's the story of a military bot who, along with some friends, escapes a life of compulsory fighting. It leaves them to fumble around for what purpose, freedom, duty, and choice really mean in the scheme of things, all while unraveling a 2,000 year old mystery about who founded their society and why.

I've been working on Aquapunk on and off since 2008, so I'm dedicated to seeing it through to completion, no matter what it takes. But you can help me make sure I've got the time and resources to put towards the project by becoming a patron - it helps me buy paper and ink, for instance, since the lineart I do now is 100% traditional. It also helps me pay for things like web hosting. 

Thanks for taking a look at my page, and if you enjoy the comic, let me know and tell your friends!
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All patrons will either get their student loans paid off, or an all-expenses paid vacation to Iceland.
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