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What's up!

I'm Brandon Shaw, and I'm a professional musician (**Hi Brandon**). In 2014 I started a blog called Startup Musician, focusing on helping musicians build careers. Later that year I launched the Startup Musician Podcast where I've interviewed musicians such as Jack Stratton (Vulfpeck), Steve Watkins (Allen Stone), Peter Dyer (Mariah Carey, Aloe Blacc), John Whitt Jr. (Kendrick Lamar), Dan Bailey (Father John Misty), and Xander Singh (Passion Pit). I've also released videos that range from product reviews to NAMM show recaps to dance lessons (still working on dancing while playing). 

But the best of Startup Musician is The Load In; a  digital magazine for musicians. It's the thing that ties it all together, and more.


The Load In is a free bi-monthly digital magazine for musicians. It's the best publication out there for musicians trying to make a living. I have a strict no douchebaggery policy (Tevin). Also, no fluff. Just directly helpful stuff for you and your career. 


Every issue contains 2 big things: 

1. The Latest Stuff From Startup Musician
This could be a new article, a new podcast interview with a professional musician, a new product review, or a product giveaway. As a Load In subscriber, you get first access to it before it hits the blog. Every issue is different, and I know you'll get a lot of value out of it. 

2. The Best Stuff From The Internet
Look, the internet is a crazy place. There's a billion articles, videos, podcasts, and bits of news floating around. And most of it is complete crap. I sort through all of that and give you just the best stuff. The stuff that's going to help you, push you, or inspire you. 


I LOVE creating The Load In. I LOVE getting to share new interviews, articles, and news with you. And I want to continue to make it EVEN BETTER.

In order for The Load In to succeed and grow and get even better, it has to be self-sustaining. Creating a regular publication that's really great takes time and money. The Load In and Startup Musician are essentially a part time job, on top of my other job (being a professional musician).  I want to devote more time and money to make The Load In even better, bring you more interviews, more articles, and more videos. 

Sure, I could slap some ads in the email, or on the podcast, or on the website. But I'd rather keep it ad-free. I want to make the Load In and Startup Musician in general an encouraging place where you can hear from other musicians, learn, and grow.

The way Patreon works is a reader can donate whatever they want per issue and the donation is recurring each issue after that. So anything, from $1/issue up, is hugely helpful to the cause.


My initial goal is $250 per issue. This will help keep The Load In going. Here's the costs associated with creating all of this stuff. 
  • Web Hosting. All articles, videos, and interviews live at
  • Mailchimp. This is the service I use to send the email every week (and what makes it look so snazzy). The more subscribers there are, the more it costs. 
  • Podcast Hosting. That's right, it's a separate thing (I know!)
  • Resources. Shooting videos, interviewing podcast guests, writing articles, creating graphics, editing videos, editing podcasts, and building each issue takes a lot of time and resources. And it's just me doing it! I don't have a team, it's all on me. 
Short Version: Patreon will take The Load In you love and make it even better.

Take a look at the reward options, and decide what's the best fit for you. I've set two milestone goals to show you specific things that the money will go toward and how your support helps grow The Load In. 

Thank you in advance! You are awesome! 

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All patrons get their name in the Startup Musician hall of fame. Seriously. It's a page on the website that has your name and a link to your website or social profile.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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