is creating live Drum and Bass shows in VR
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About Lavender


My name is Lavender, I'm a music producer and DJ from London with a huge passion for creating and DJing drum and bass. I started learning how to DJ around eight years ago, and while I have enjoyed playing at real venues, it's challenging for me as I have really bad vision. Virtual Reality has been a game changer for me, and ever since it was released I have played many shows inside TheWaveVR, bringing together audiences of people connecting from all over the world. I've always hoped to have my own live show where I get to play my own mixes, and now that it's possible for me to do so I've started Locked In

Locked In is a monthly drum and bass show I host live inside TheWaveVR. Each show is planned out and performed by me,with an entirely hand built venue, and has unique visuals made for every show. The shows are free for anyone to attend, and you can use either a VR headset or log in via the Desktop option when starting TheWaveVR.

A full schedule of all performers inside TheWaveVR can be found here!

After each show, mix recordings are released on YouTube under the name Locked In REWIND.

Reasons to consider supporting Locked In by becoming a Patron

  • By becoming a supporter, you help fund future shows. I always need new music to play out, and until now that has been done entirely out of pocket. By becoming a supporter you help me be able to put on bigger and better shows!
  • You get access to Locked In REWIND early uploads! Non-Patrons wait an extra two weeks until the latest mix becomes available. As a Patron you get new mixes every month one week after the live show!
  • All contributors get a huge thank you and you get to show your support! All Patrons get their names added to a custom-made plaque inside the venue dedicated to those supporting Locked In, as well as a special thanks credit at the start of each Locked In REWIND.
  • Above all, you help me reach my goals. This has become a very large, time consuming project for me, and if I can work towards making performing something I do as part of my living, your contribution will help me towards that.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at my Patreon, and whether or not you decide to contribute, I hope to see you at the next show!


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