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About Association of Czech Lockpickers

We are a nonprofit independent organization connecting people interested in lockpicking and physical security.

Lockpicking is a way of opening locks without keys in a non-destructive way. It can be a part of a job for locksmiths, safe technicians, police etc, but also an interesting hobby or sport.

We strictly adhere to ethical standards and follow the basic rules:
  1. Never open any lock without explicit permission from the owner.
  2. We never open locks in use.
  3. Never share information that can be easily misused.

We are educating the general public about locks and security and we are also trying to work with lock manufacturers to improve their products.

Any financial support we can get from patrons will be used to organize lockpicking championships, to produce content for people interested in locks and security and do original research of security vulnerabilities and ways of preventig them. 

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