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is creating a positive online group for Locksmiths on Facebook
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Coffee Club
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$4/month  at this level.
If left on for a year (no commitiment) $48

A cup of coffe a month for LF.  One Lockout a Year.
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$8 a month
$100 (roughly) a year ( no commitment)

About the same as Netflix.   One House Rekey a Year.  
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$25  a month.
$300 a year (no commitment)

Half a service call a month or one good car key with a dupe a year is what's pledged at our highest membership level.
The first 10 Platinum Supporters get a LF hat. 



About Locksmith Friends

For 5 Years, Locksmith Friends group on Facebook has been a great resource for locksmiths.

 This account is for those members of the group that wish to contribute to the site financially.  

Thank you for contributing what you can and here's to 5 more years of securing America one lock at a time! 
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with at least 10 patrons to the site, we will start production of Hats (please note that donations do not purchase hats , there will be a patron discount once they are made though)
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