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About Locus

We love science fiction, fantasy, and horror fiction!

You love science fiction, too, so we are turning to you for support!
For a small pledge, you help keep Locus in print and allow us to maintain our website, indexes, and archives of science fiction, as well as continue to run the Locus Awards and Writers Workshop.

Locus is a non-profit organization, run by six full-time staff out of a Victorian house in Oakland, California. We are reaching out with a variety of fundraising efforts to help sustain Locus without having to raise our subscription rates, fire staff, or compromise the quality of the magazine. It's a tough time, but you can help.

The costs of maintaining an extensive magazine like Locus go far beyond what our subscription and advertising revenue currently support. Since the last recession we've had a major loss of ad revenue, as spending on advertising has dropped over 65% in the last decade, industry-wide. Advertising used to support Locus, now we need your help to keep going!

is the widely recognized and acclaimed magazine of record for the speculative fiction fields.
Each of our issues includes science fiction/fantasy/YA/horror news, book reviews, interviews with the field’s leading authors, and book listings. We also run, an online resource for news, information, and reviews of SF/F/H/YA. We run a quarterly Writers Workshop. We’ve won the Hugo Award 30 times during our 50 years in print, and every year we hold the Locus Awards, which recognize excellence in science fiction and fantasy literature.

We pay our reviewers and our contributors professional rates: Locus' quality content comes from a wide range of freelance and in-house writers, photographers, designers, editors, and reviewers. Our six full-time staff receive work benefits including health insurance, sick leave, and vacation pay. We hold strongly to the idea that science fiction enthusiasts and creators should be compensated for their work.

Locus magazine is proud to serve the speculative fiction field, and to support this important genre of literature. Thank you for being a part of that work and our community! And thank you for your support!
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Reaching $2,500 per month would cover our rent overhead, and would be huge! We rent a 1,200 sq ft office inside the basement of a Victorian house in Oakland's Preservation Park, which is home to many other non-profit organizations. Thank you for your support! -Liza
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