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You're supporting me to fulfill my dreams! And I'm really thankful for this!
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About Logan (Lod)

Hi, I'm Logan or Lod, whichever you prefer! I love to play games, and meet new people! I'm looking to start streaming, so I'm looking for people who'd be willing to support me in that endeavor to make it a full time dream of mine. 

My goal is to buy the necessary equipment I need in order to start streaming, and make other content later down that road like do vlogs, and make YouTube videos. I understand that I'm one of many people who have this dream, but I promise not to disappoint.. all my dedication will go towards achieving this and make my dream become reality. I'll provide you all with the best content I possibly can, so this is why I need the money to help jump start this!

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When I reach this goal I can upgrade my computer, and buy other streaming equipment to provide the best quality as I possibly can! I'll also start streaming weekly!
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