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is creating Live and scripted Digital Content
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For one dollar you gain access to the exclusive backer information page.  You will also gain access to exclusive sounds and scenes on streams via the Patreon MixPlay page beneath my stream, and exclusive Patreon versions of games that offer up higher and quicker payouts, allowing you to earn more house Keys to use towards potential game giveaways in the future.

The Fools
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In addition to the thank you, I will read a personal message from you as well (still, one time only.)  Note: Please no commercial messages or advertising.

Note that there will be more promotional stuff here as we grow.  Most of the new rewards will be at this tier.

The Lords
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Not sure what benefits will be here, but if you want to support on this level, who am I to stop you.  You will also get all the stuff from prior tiers.




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About LOE Productions

Right now I am streaming Gaming content on Mixer. However, I intend to build this into a network of not just gaming content, but podcasts and other viable digital media projects based on a variety of topics across multiple platforms, from writing to sports, and anything else interesting.  By pledging you are help me create an environment for fellow creators to go out and do what they do best, create.  And you get to enjoy that content saying, "Man, I helped make that possible."
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If I can hit this goal, I would be able to build my own studio and create a more controlled environment to record from.  This would allow for a higher quanity of better videos, streams, and overall content.
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