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is creating a blog and video blog about my life with cerebral palsy
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About Laura Forde

I am a professional blogger who has been working online since 2009 I write and do a youtube video blog about life with cerebral palsy in hope it will shed light on what life is like for someone with cerebral palsy
Your support will mean that i would be able to continue to produce this content at a higher quality.

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This money will truly help me make a living doing what I love. While I must stress that the content I produce will remain 100% free if you are willing and able to support me in what I do it will help make it that much easier.

Up until this point, I have made some money online through sponsored posts, ad revenue and being republished in a textbook but it isn't even close to a full time income and hasn't been anything ongoing. This money will also help cover my living expenses I intend however to put as much as I can back into my work.

if you are unable to help financially that's okay you can always help me out for free by sharing my content on your social networks

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i want to buy a magic arm to attach my camera to my wheelchair so i can vlog while moving
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