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Extremly grateful to anyone who loves lofi radio enough to help contribute to the growth of the platform.  Joining the 2$ tier will Get your name or tag added in thank you credits at the end of a mix video.  So the world knows who helped put this together.




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About Lofi Radio

I love the vibe of lofi music.  The chill relaxing tempo resonates with me so much.  I'm very grateful that others enjoy it as well.  I would always hunt down this style of music (mostly finding j dilla) and listen to it as my own personal playlist.  After a while I shared one of my mixes and it went viral.  
This is inspired me to create lofi radio. 
I knew there were tons of musicians in the world trying to get themselves heard and that the musicians who made this style of music weren't getting the exposure I felt they deserved.  Lofi Radio could provide the opportunity for these talents to get discovered.
Some day I hope that this platform will not only help these artist get exposure but also help them financially.  I feel the sky is the limit.
In the moment this platform simply shares the works of these artist in a eye/ear pleasing way.  The platform has no financial backing at this time.  This is why I turn to patreon to see if the community would be interested in helping this platform grow financially to see all it can become.  
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Kicking off... 
This first milestone will be a indicator that people really care about the platform.  I'd love to hear from each one of the first 10 patreons personally to see what they'd like to see from the channel going forward.  
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