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Hello everyone! My name is Logan and I'm trying to make a career with music and gaming. Anything that is given to me will help support the stream and will help support my life. Thank you to anyone who helps. 
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Beautiful Person
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This is the 1st level of subscription. I appreciate your support! I try to keep the rewards relative to the subscription.

  • Extra 60 shots a week (Please remind me)
  • Weekly 1 through 10 guess for water bottle chug.
  • Weekly 10 Push-ups
Beautiful bastard
per month
This is the 2nd level of subscription. Its helps support the stream a little bit more. Thanks so much!

  • Extra 100 shots a week (Please remind me)
  • Weekly 15 Push-ups.
  • Weekly water bottle chug.
per month
This is the 3rd level of subscription. This helps me keep the stream going so much. Let me know if I can add more to the tier list!

  • 2 Weekly water bottle chugs.
  • Daily 10 Push-ups.
  • Extra 150 shots a week (Please Remind me)
  • Weekly liquor shot.
My master.
per month
This is the 4th level of subscription. You practically own me at this point. Thank you so much. Please let me know if there is anything else I could add to the list.

  • 3 Weekly Liquor shots.
  • Daily 15 Push-ups.
  • Daily Water bottle chug.
  • Extra 400 shots a week. (Please remind me)
  • Weekly anime/movie/Netflix watch.
$27 of $100 per month
24 hour stream.
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