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I truly cannot express my true gratitude to each and every person who makes and investment in the work that I have put my heart and soul into. 
My name is Logan Hyder. 

I am a 22 year old videographer from Nashville, Tennessee. In January of 2017 I began forming the strategy for a YouTube channel that I would call Area 83

Three months later, after spending that time doing my own research, about topics that I loved, and creating something out of it, it only took one class lecture in that fall semester for me to decide that my path had been decided. 

I called my parents, pulled out of school before lunch time, and began day one of my new journey. I had no idea where it would take me, or how I would make it. But I knew that I would rather take the lumps and figure it out than spend one more second doing anything but creating art

After months of networking, educating myself, and improving at my craft, in January of 2018, just one year after the seed of Area 83 was planted, I found myself in a situation to begin making videos for businesses and influencers in Nashville and the surrounding areas. 

As of June 22nd, 2018, I have been blessed to be afforded the opportunity to make videography, photography, and social media platform management my career financially. 

In the same ferocious manner that I attack growth in my own brand and business, I will strive to honor each and every investment made into my future. 

Let's get to work. 

Logan Hyder
(615) 922-9980
[email protected]
@_cinema83 // @_area83 // @loganhyder 
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