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About Logan Noble, Author


Would you kindly take a seat?

My name is Logan Noble. I am a horror and weird fiction author. I have over 20 published stories, featured in magazines and anthologies. I also have a slasher-horror screenplay coming soon. But more on that later.

But I'm so much more than that! I'm a self-educated cinephile and as bad at my job as I am at finishing video games.

But I will write in all these arenas and more. My Patreon will be a place for me to produce fictions of kinds. Horror, strange, sci-fi and fantasy. All special little pieces. But I'll also write pieces on films and video games to keep my brain limber. 

I will post as often as I can. All exclusive to Patreon.

Thanks for stopping by.
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At a $100 a month, I'll release a Patreon exclusive serial novella. (Tentative title: 4:15 to Dunwich).
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