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About LogicProHacks

Hi my name is Bryan, (aka FadedShadows). I am professional IT Engineer, electronic musician and FOH soundman. My goal is to express my love for sound design and IT through various hacks with Digital Audio and IT related OS's. I have over 20 years composing and playing the piano and I love to employ my classical piano skills to a wide array of digitally created music in genres like: EDM, Classical, Heavy Metal, Dubstep to Ambient.

I also manage the YouTube channel "LogicProHacks" It is for those who like to experiment with Music and Technology. Tutorials include: DAWs like Ableton, Reason and Logic Pro X, Synthesis, EQs, Amps, Reverbs, VSTs, Plugins, Computer builds and Website designs on the cheap using OS X, Linux and Windows. The main goal is to show the inspiring musician how to embrace the technology of tomorrow through Out-of-the-Box Music Design and IT Hacks! You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/c/logicprohacks

I also design and manage websites servers that can host multiple solution based sites in Wordpress, Drupal and or Magento. I can create any kind of system needed at any budget level; from custom servers at LogicProHacks US based office or a rented Virtual private servers, like Amazon's AWS, Digital Ocean or Linode. I have over 12 years in the IT field and the experience with the latest in VMware, Linux and Amazons very powerful AWS cloud technology. If interested, please contact me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryantech
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