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Have you ever wanted to influence the media the way bigwigs like Hillary Clinton, The Bush family, the Koch brothers and Paris Hilton can? With LSN Plus, now is your chance! With a minimum of ten dollars a month, we will work with you personally to push worth whatever agendas you want to start brainwashing the masses about, even if it goes against one of our previously established ideals. Push your business, your social or political cause, or just your artwork. We will sell reviews, opinion pieces, factual articles, historical articles, and anything else that will help successfully manipulate facts in your or your causes favor. Join LSN Plus today, and feel what it's like to live the good life with the news watching your back. 
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With this a month, we could buy a lot of cheap foreign labor to revamp our offices and buy a few Playstations. I mean, we could dedicate ourselves to bringing you the facts.
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