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About Lola Noir

Hello Darling! ❤
Thank you for stopping by my Patreon! This is the easiest way to connect to me and the various projects I'm involved in. And, well, there are a lot of them.

Who am I?

I am Lola Noir - burlesque performer, cabaret singer, drag queen, retro blogger, mistress of ceremonies, producer, writer, and all-around creative person, also known as the Nightingale of Burlesque.

Ever since my debut in 2013 I've been involved in the promotion of burlesque in Poland. I've performed in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. I've worked on the production of shows such as Halloween-themed Witches of Warsaw, Glitter Rock, Le Show Noir (a pet project that I want to develop further!) and Queer Explosion. I won the Master of Singing medal in 2015 Burlypicks Poland, and performed at Polish Burlesque Festival (with live jazz band!), Bohemian Burlesque Festival and Whatever Queer Festival (6 times in a row so far).

I also write a blog where I write about everything retro and glamour that inspires me not only on stage but also in everyday life. My goal is to help people add a bit of retro glamour into their everyday life! Lola Noir Blog covers a variety of retro-themed topics including retro fashion, vintage movies, vintage recipes, retro-inspired photo shoots, retro-themed home decor, retro and vintage entertainment, vintage lifestyle, retro event reviews and occasionally some pictures of me wearing various amounts of clothing. My writing has been published in magazines, online portals, and promotion materials.

Why do I need your money?

Due to its niche appeal, burlesque is a very DIY type of entertainment. For me, that means that I create and produce my acts from start to finish. That includes designing, often making and embellishing costumes, mixing my own music, creating choreography, etc. Each trip to perform, each costume and prop are paid for by me, so I'm asking for your support to further spread my artistic wings and be able to make my acts bigger and brighter!

Arts patronage is a beautiful tradition that enables a more personal relationship between the artist and their audience. Your patronage would mean the opportunity to invest in my artistic growth. What things would this support go to?
  • higher quality costumes & props (those feathers and rhinestones aren't cheap!)
  • ability to rent rehearsal space
  • development of skills to be used onstage, such as singing and dancing
  • sound equipment (own microphones)
  • medical procedures that would improve my life as an artist (dental work is expensive, yo)
  • burlesque festival application fees & abroad travel costs
  • financial security for self-produced shows
  • payment for photographers/film-makers to create content for YOU
  • copious amounts of coffee and/or prosecco

My ultimate goal is to become a full-time artist and devote myself completely to doing what I love most and sharing it with YOU! 

If you don't want to become a Patron, but still would like to support me, you can check out my wishlist - items listed there are also the things I want to use in future acts.

I can also be found here:

Please consider joining me in my burlesque adventures!

New rewards and higher tiers will be made available soon!

All my love,
Lola 💋

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