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About The Lonely Palette

So.  Art.  Whether in museums or in history, people have this thing about it.  They think it's boring, or snooty, or can only be talked about with big fancy words.  And that's nuts.  Not only is art history fantastically interesting, but it's everywhere.  You can't avoid it.  Everyone can recognize the Mona Lisa, and everyone's heard about Van Gogh's ear.  So you might as well learn something about it, right?  Something to whip out at parties?

Because art history, like everything, is all about the story.

I started The Lonely Palette with the goal of telling these stories, one painting, sculpture, exhibition, and urinal at a time.  Using the object as a jumping-off point, we've dived together into the significance, history, and social context of artists and movements, and they've been, I hope, as neat, accessible, and compelling to you as they are to me.  Think of the adventures we've had together!  Remember when we made abstraction a little less terrifying?  And Degas' Aunt Fanny a little less boring?  Remember when we compared Monet canvases to Lay's potato chips, and explained exactly why Nazi art was so sucky?  We've dived headfirst into art history's woman problem, and cavorted with Futurist douchebags.  And all without leaving the comfort of your earbuds!

Here's the thing, though.  The lonely part is no joke: The Lonely Palette is just me.  I research, write, produce, host, and edit the whole shebang, and believe me when I tell you that it’s the best part of my week.  But even a labor of love is labor, and ask Van Gogh how only selling one painting in his lifetime worked out for him.

This is where you come in!  You can bring The Lonely Palette to the masses, one patron at a time.  And donating even just a few dollars an episode means that I can...
  • Upgrade my recording gear...
  • Pay for vocal booths...
  • ...and, most importantly, take the show on the road to museums across the country and around the world, sending you postcards all along the way.

I'm new to Patreon.  So I just give once and get my mug, right?
Nope!  You're a full-blown patron of the arts, like a modern day Lorenzo di Medici, supporting Michelangelo on a continual basis in exchange for art, except this is even better than a marble tomb, because you get swag, too!  In short, you pay this amount every time I release an episode, which I hope you believe to be a worthy cause.

Whoa whoa whoa.  How often do you release an episode?
My goal is to release 12 episodes (ideally) per year, 10 at a minimum.  I don't charge patrons for re-releases or special episodes (live recordings, etc.), only when I put pen to paper and mic to face.  So it's equivalent-ish to monthly support - for every month I release two episodes, you'll find me on my fainting couch taking a month off.  Don't forget, too, that you can set a monthly limit for how much you can give.

How long until I get my swag?
Stickers are mailed immediately.  Larger ticket items like water bottles, mugs, and tote bags could take up to an additional 6-8 weeks (blame the jerks before you who have cancelled their support the moment they receive their stuff).  If you're the kind of person who digs immediacy, may I direct you to The Lonely Palette store?  And if you've been waiting for your stuff for longer than you feel is appropriate, please do reach out and give me a poke before going ahead and cancelling your support.  I'm a one-woman operation doing the best I can.

I want to give, but I'm broke, and a $1 per episode seems lame and/or insulting. So I just won't do anything. Bye.
No no no! Come back! No amount is too little, BELIEVE ME. Every little bit counts, and is so very much appreciated.

I love the show, but I just can't support you anymore, or at the level I signed up at.  Am I a monster if I abandon this?

No, not at all.  This is 100% voluntary.  Please just do me a favor before you go: leave a rating/review on iTunes, post about the show on social media, and tell one new person face-to-face.  Word of mouth is still the best (and only) way to spread the news about podcasts, and it would help me out enormously.

So go ahead.  Channel your inner Medici.  Consider becoming a patron of The Lonely Palette. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting, for listening, and for giving me the opportunity to see art through your eyes so you can look with your ears.

- Tamar
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DO WE DARE?!  Can someone reasonably expect to make a living by explaining art history through Clueless and Pretty Woman references and then talking it all into a microphone?  Should we try to find out?

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts